The PGA TOUR needs a swing coach. You’re invited.

As of today, we’ve officially welcomed the first group of PGA TOUR Fan Council members.

PGA TOUR Digital has spent a few months working with a company called Vision Critical to create a membership-based community of golf enthusiasts. The community helps us learn more about our fans, listen to their ideas and use their insights to shape key decisions we make.

PGA TOUR Fan Council recruits go through a screening process before becoming full members of the community. Once recruits become members, they will test the latest PGA TOUR products and services, contribute innovative ideas and feedback, and co-create experiences for all fans of the game.

The Fan Council is capped at 5,000 members and will follow a quarterly recruiting cycle to ensure fresh new voices are heard as well as the maximum number of members allowable. Members must complete at least one research study every three months to remain in the Fan Council.

As part of the project to build and launch the Fan Council, the project team worked with leadership to identify a new position dedicated to management and oversight of the group. The new Consumer Research Manager will analyze results from conducted research studies and work with stakeholders to make data-informed and insight-driven decisions around PGA TOUR products, services, content, and experiences.

The Consumer Research Manager will work with advisors throughout the organization to plan, prepare and present opportunities for member engagement multiple times per month. Here are a few examples of how we’ll work with and learn from our members:

  • Research studies
  • Beta testing
  • Quick polls
  • Discussion forums
  • Member of the month highlights
  • Newsletters

Engagement opportunities will be reviewed quarterly and adjusted to increase or decrease interactions with members of the Fan Council as needed.

A research study request process has been defined and will be rolled out to major stakeholders across the broader TOUR organization.

To prioritize research studies, the Consumer Research Manager and advisors will meet regularly to review new requests. Each request will be examined to ensure all conducted research studies are valuable for the PGA TOUR, the study requesters and our Fan Council members.

The operational work required to manage all internal study requests, communication, and project roadmaps for the Fan Council will be completed using Microsoft Groups and Office 365 products.

The most important part of the Fan Council is regular communication with members. The team managing the Fan Council will take special care to ensure members understand the purpose of each research study and ways insights will be utilized. The team will also ensure that members receive regular updates on how the PGA TOUR has used community insights to build new and / or enhance current products, services, content and experiences.

To learn more about the PGA TOUR Fan Council, click here.