PGA TOUR Windows 10 App

PGA TOUR Digital recently collaborated with Microsoft and gskinner to develop a new application exclusive to Windows 10.  The app features a real-time leaderboard and quick access to player scorecards and biographical information, along with video highlights and the latest news from  It allows fans to follow all the action from a single platform and is being made available in a responsive format, targeted at both desktop and Microsoft Surface devices.

While the app is loaded with information, our goal was to make it as beautiful as it is functional.  One way we did this was by blending course imagery into the app as a background.

We were also challenged to come up with new ways to graphically display our stats in a user friendly manner, which resulted in what we like to call our Strokes Gained “lollipop graph.”

This graph takes a complex set of stats and quickly displays how each golfer compares to the field.  In the example above, the golfer is near the top of the leaderboard, and it’s easy to see that his approach shots and putting have been a large part of his success in this event, particularly compared to his season to-date.

In another effort to combine form with function, we’ve included a re-imagined scorecard, which is displayed as a line graph to better illustrate the peaks and valleys of the day’s performance.

While hole pickles and shot trails are nothing new to our platforms, we’ve added a little extra zest by letting our fans choose between our traditional 2-D view and our new 3-D renderings.  The latter view is interactive and can be rotated to get a better view of ball location and distance.

But we’re not just using our statistics to paint pretty pictures.  The team at Microsoft worked with us to create an algorithm that provides predictive stats for each player and each hole, based on historical and event-specific data associated with both the player and the hole.

The model uses ShotLink™ data collected during PGA TOUR events over a five-year period and makes predictions at the start of a hole and on a shot-by-shot basis as the player advances to the green.  This represents our initial shot at predictions – we plan to add even more nuance, and machine learning, to the model as we move forward with the project.

In addition to this feature, we’ve included Cortana powered voice commands that allow our fans to tell their device exactly what they want to see without having to manually navigate through the app, and the Windows Ink tool, which lets them take screen grabs, create illustrations and share with their friends.

In all, we believe we succeeded in our mission to create a fun, interactive and appealing event companion.  We’re excited about this new application, as well as the possibilities it creates for our other platforms, and we think our fans will be too.