Our Experience with Snap Spectacles

The PGA TOUR digital team has been using Spectacles by Snap, Inc. since the beginning of 2017.

Specs offer a fun new way to share content through the PGA TOUR Snap account. Anything recorded from the Specs allows the viewer to see exactly what the person creating the Snap saw in an almost virtual-reality-like way.

Let’s examine how this works both from the perspective of the person building the Snap story using the Specs and from the perspective of those viewing the story.

How to Pair and Use Spectacles

Specs are easy to use once you get the devices paired. It can be a little confusing the first time around. We used the steps below to get started:

  1. Login to your Snapchat account on your phone.
  2. Tap on your avatar in the top left section of the screen.
  3. Tap on the Settings icon that looks like a gear, scroll down, and tap Spectacles to ensure your Spectacles are properly paired to your account and device. This will pair your Specs with your Snapchat account so anything you record with the Specs from there will wirelessly upload to your Snapchat Memories.
  4. Once your Specs are paired, you will be able to pull up the Snap code.
  5. Place the on Specs on your face.
  6. Once the Specs are on your face, look at Snap code.
  7. Use your finger to push button on top of glasses to begin recording and building your story!
  8. Each time you push the button on your Specs, it will record for ten seconds. If you want to keep it going, just keep pushing the button and each time ten more seconds will be added on. If you want to stop recording, push and hold the Specs button.

Building & Watching a Story with Spectacles

Our experiences so far have shown that creating content with Specs is easy and fun because we can keep recording and gathering content and can edit it later. Generally, if we are creating a story instead of putting the Specs on a PGA TOUR player, we want to gather as much raw footage as possible so we can choose the best videos later on in the editing process.

Using Specs has been a unique and innovative way to share content with our audience. So far our favorite Specs Stories are ones where a player wears them while hitting balls or working on a certain practice drill. Zac Blair wore them at the CareerBuilder Challenge and hit balls out of the monster bunker on №16. He also wore them on №17 and it was really fun to see everything from his exact perspective.

We found that it was difficult to know exactly what would be recorded when using the Specs. The Specs don’t indicate to the person wearing and using them what the field of vision will look like for the viewer — its nearly impossible to tell where the frame is for the video clip the wearer is capturing. The Specs also don’t offer a zoom function.

When we have used them to show golf action, Specs don’t seem to deliver content that is as impactful as we are used to — it is difficult to see putts and follow the ball. Seeing things from the player perspective is certainly more interesting especially if he’s walking through a crowd or up to the 18th green when he is about to win.

We have received fan feedback that stories built with Specs feel like watching virtual reality or a video game. This is definitely the kind of fun and different experience we want to provide to our fans. The ability to turn ones phone around while viewing content created with Specs allows for a wider perspective and dimension than the typical content viewing experience. Unfortunately, we have also had some issues with Snaps looking a bit blown out and, on certain devices, operating systems or versions of the app, we’ve been unable to rotate. We also need to make sure we ensure the person wearing the Specs realizes that the perspective seen by the user can be confusing and that remembering to move more slowly can increase viewing experience.

The novelty of the Specs is probably the thing that makes them most useful to us — seeing the world from eye level is both familiar and unfamiliar. Seeing the world from eye level happens every day when people walk around and take the world in but its also a new and different perspective for content viewed through a mobile device. It’s worth pointing out that we won’t be able to achieve the same level of quality that we would in a fully-produced piece of content, but we think fans and users will appreciate the authenticity of it.

All in all, our experience creating and viewing content with Snap Spectacles has been positive, fun and different. Our next challenge will be to keep iterating through different types of content to continue pushing boundaries and find the best way to capture content using the Specs.