Modernizing Executive Offices Through Displays

As organizations become increasingly more focused on digital products and services, the demand for real-time data, display, and monitoring services has skyrocketed. In the last two years at the PGA TOUR, we’ve made a significant investment in content, analytics, and strategy. More than ever before, we look at what our players and fans are saying in real time and then act based off that information.

To make this type of monitoring and analysis possible, we made an investment in hardware and displays. The first step was creating a Social Media Wall in our headquarters building. This was a new undertaking for our company, so we wanted to engage the proper people to get this done the right way.

The communications department worked with our internal Information Systems (IS) department and CDW to identify the types of equipment required. For example, we would need to install an infrared screen overlay to implement the touchscreen functionality. Additionally, we experimented with different types of computers to power the displays. We needed to be certain the computer could handle being switched on 24/7.

After the proper equipment was identified, we had to run hardware installation to wire the TVs and monitors to the proper equipment. The 3 computers needed to be connected to a server two rooms away, so we worked with IS to properly connect it all. Additionally, we wanted to set up a system where the Communications team could remotely connect to these PCs in order to make changes if they were not at able to be in the physical location of the hardware. We setup remote connections through TeamViewerso our team can easily operate the computers via another browser from anywhere in the world.

Here is an overview of what the four screens display:

Chartbeat and/or Microsoft App: This service is used to provide up-to-the-minute data on PGATOUR.comChartbeat instantly updates the screens with the number of visitors on, what content pieces or articles are causing spikes in traffic, and where the traffic comes from. Having this data displayed allows our Executive and Content teams to quickly determine what content is resonating most with our audiences. We also display the Microsoft app Thursday through Sunday which curates news and a real-time leaderboard.

Golf Broadcasts: We have one dedicated television running programming from the Golf ChannelNBC, or CBS to show our broadcasts along with other golf news from around the world.

CrowdTangle: Our golfers are athletes, and we want them to compare themselves to players in other sports. We use CrowdTangle to display leaderboards for FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for the PGA TOURNBANFLMLB, and others. With the click of a button, we can easily compare share of voice, engagements, etc. from one athlete to another.

Tagboard: We always encourage our players to post more content on social media, and we want to be able to see the results of those efforts. As such, we use Tagboard to display player social media posts and see these as soon as they go live. We use the data from both CrowdTangle and Tagboard to coach our agents and players on what content resonates best with fans.

Once the system was setup, the wall became a place for people throughout headquarters to stop by and see what was going on in the world of golf. Whether it was watching our sport on broadcast television, checking in on our player social media accounts or seeing what content is resonating with our fans, the wall and screens became a great way for people to get a PGA TOUR snapshot in just a couple of seconds.

When Jay Monahan became commissioner of the PGA TOUR, he wanted to have a similar setup in his office. Commissioner Monahan’s office was renovated to include a state-of-the-art wall mirroring the social media wall referenced above. The office was also equipped with 4-screen video conferencing, allowing the commissioner to be a few clicks away from connecting with anyone in the world.

In addition to Commissioner Monahan, many other executives at the TOUR are also getting displays set up in their office. These displays will allow them to identify trends, make smart business decisions based on data, and have a more direct pulse on the issues affecting their teams.

The TOUR is going through a transformation, and this office modernization project is a perfect example of the changing times in the media landscape. In today’s world, sports leagues and businesses need a variety of tools and technologies to get a 360 degree look at the fan and what’s going on with the sport. That’s what we’re aiming to provide with these new displays.